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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Why use a Steadfast Insurance Broker?

Australasia’s largest general insurance broker network

Who is Steadfast?
Steadfast Group Limited is a public company comprising of more than 245 Australian-owned, independent insurance brokerages – which operate from 300 plus offices around Australia.

Steadfast Group Limited listed as a Public as of 2013 (and now an ASX200 company) comprising of more than 300 Australian-owned, “independently operated”) brokerages – which operate from 500 plus offices across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.
Established in 1996, Steadfast is the largest general insurance broker network in Australasia), generating in excess of $5.1 billion in insurance sales in FY14.
The purpose of the Group is to provide insurance brokerages with the benefits of big business buying power but still allowing them to provide personalised service.
Why use a Steadfast Broker?
Because you’ll get the personalised service you look for from an independent business, together with the expertise and support you’d expect from a large organisation. Because with the backing of a national management group, Steadfast members have the buying power that gives them access to the majority of the Australian insurance market. In addition, the Group has a number of strategic partners including some of Australia’s largest insurers and premium funders.
Because our extensive network allows member brokers to keep up -to-date with current trends and new insurance markets. Our members collective capabilities, experience and team approach, allow them to assess and offer a wide range of products and services. Because you’ll benefit from policy wordings that are exclusive to the Steadfast Group, developed in conjunction with the largest insurers in Australia. The acceptance of generic wordings by Australia’s leading
underwriters is testament to the respect of our Group by the industry.
Because our strategic partnerships cover all major classes of businesses and various niche products. Our brokers can source quality products from a broad, flexible range. This breadth of choice enables members to locate value-for-money insurance to provide protection to suit each client’s needs.
Because even though our members have access to a number of strategic partners, nothing our members do is compulsory. The business is placed with the best interest of the client in mind.

Steadfast has grown to be a respected and recognised leader in broker cluster groups within the industry. It is this recognition that has helped propel Steadfast forward to be the largest independent broker group in Australia.

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