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Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Funny: 25 Sinister Animals Secretly Plotting Their Revenge

Beneath that fluffy, adorable exterior... lies a cold-blooded super-villain.

Article Extracted from StumbleUpon 2015.01.22

1. "That was not the "treat store", and you will pay for your deceit..."

2. "You've bathed me for the last time!"

3. "We'll see who's taking a selfie when you find the gift I left in your shoe."

4. "I'll get you... and your little sandwich too!"

5. "Do you smell it yet?"

"That's the stench of victory... and it is mine!"

6. "Phase One of "Operation Lizard Takeover" is a success. The humans don't suspect a thing..."

"Soon I shall take back the Earth for my reptilian ancestors!"

7. "Your imminent demise will also be "tiny and adorable"."

8. "When you least expect it..."

9. "I've been waiting for you, Mr. Bond."

10. "The decoy fish is working!"

11. "I may be tiny, but I'm also armed and dangerous!"

"Why doesn't anyone ever take me seriously?!"

12. "Once I've neutralized the dog, there will be no one left to stand in my way!"

13. "First: the red dot. Then: the world!"

14. "I'm always watching. Waiting."

15. "You've chosen your side, and when the world is mine I'll remember this..."

16. "Just keep smiling... no one suspects a thing..."

"And by the time they realize I've eaten all the sandwiches, it'll be much too late."

18. "Look! What's that over there?!"

"It's my sweet, sweet vengeance."

19. "Just got to put the finishing touches on m--... THE BASE HAS BEEN COMPROMISED! Abort! Abort!"

20. "I swear, the next selfie you take will be your last..."

21. "My revenge will be otterly delicious..."

22. "He may be on to me..."

23. "I am NinjaCat, harbinger of your doom!"

24. "Whenever you hear a little jingle in the darkness... I'll be there."

25. "You'd better sleep with one eye open..."

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