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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Fastrack document Signing online


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We use and recommend Right Signature
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While they may not quite rise to the level of religious significance, 
there are 7 convenient ways to sign documents online with RightSignature.

Video below

  1. Sign by mouse. The first, and most popular, way to sign documents online with RightSignature is to click and drag with your mouse or laptop track pad. Just hold down the mouse button and drag your mouse or finger to draw a signature.

  2. Sign by linked mobile device. For those who prefer a little more control over their signature appearance, there’s a “sign by mobile” button available when filling out a RightSignature document on your computer. With the document signing screen open on your computer, click the button to send a link to your mobile device, which will open up a signature pad. You can then sign with your finger on your mobile device’s touch screen, and your signature is placed into the document on your computer screen immediately.

  3. Sign with webcam. For those who absolutely need to get their signature right, or just like using cool technology, RightSignature offers the option to sign by webcam. Write your signature in black ink on a piece of paper, and take a picture of it using your computer’s webcam. RightSignature cleans up any distortions and puts the signature directly on the document. (This option must be enabled by the document sender.)

  4. Sign with keyboard. If your document doesn’t require a real drawn signature–or you’re sending your document to a person who doesn’t have a mouse, a mobile device, or a webcam–the Type-to-Sign option enables signers to choose a stylish cursive font and type their name to create a font signature. (This option must be enabled by the document sender.)

  5. Sign by fax. For signers still attached to their fax machines, RightSignature offers the ability to print a special signature page, sign with a pen, and fax directly to RightSignature. Our system then applies the signature directly to the electronic document.

  6. Sign on the go. For the ultimate in portability, RightSignature offers signing options for popular mobile devices. Users can access, fill out, and sign documents entirely from their iPad, iPhone, or Android devices.

  7. Sign in person. Like the portable signature device a FedEx driver totes around, RightSignature users can get signatures in person, too, using an iPad. With the RightSignature In-Person Signing app installed, users simply pull up a document and pass the iPad to the signer, who fills out the document and draws a signature.
So there you have it. Seven options for instantly signing documents with RightSignature.

The number seven symbolizes luck and completion. 
There are seven days in the week, seven colors in the rainbow, and seven books in the Harry Potter series. 
Hindu texts teach of 7 chakras, and the Jewish sabbath occurs on the seventh day.

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