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Sunday, January 18, 2015

iphone app "dream on" might be your happy "Total recall"

Select a dream from the Menu and "away you go", if nothing else you'll have a solid night's sleep..

In the morning, record check your sleep pattern, record your personal diary and determine your amazed or insane.. lol

for the nominal price of the app and the thought of a Thrill ride or your pleasure or just a solid nights sleep is well worth the price.

A psychologist is asking iPhone owners to sleep with their iPhones on the bed in a test to see if sounds can influence dreams.

You can take part in a mass psychological experiment, the app is designed and introduced by British psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman who also describes himself as an "author and performer". Wiseman says: "This app may provide a real breakthrough in changing how we dream, and record and track those dreams." The idea is that users fire up the app before going to sleep, setting up an in-app alarm, and then doze off, leaving it sitting on the bed. The iPhone's gyroscope monitors the movement of the bed and when the sleeper has stilled, suggesting that they have gone into REM sleep, the phone starts playing the selected soundtrack.

The two "free" audio options for the prospective dreamer include: Into The City and Peaceful Garden. (So no making sweet love to Angelina Jolie soundscapes.) However, for a small price you can purchase a variety of other dreams (soundscapes): Ocean View, Space Shuttle or Relaxing Rainforest.
You are asked to plug in your iPhone before settling it on your bed, presumably the app is a bit of a battery-drainer so make sure you have a charger.

It also creams off your location (if you allow it to) to allow the app-makers to take note of whether people in different places dream differently.

Dream on app, screengrab

The experiment bit comes in the morning, when you are asked to send in a quick report of your dream to the app's dream bank, which the app encourages you to post on Twitter and on Facebook, tagging your friends in it.
Dream:ON is also a social experiment – in the morning Dream:ON presents you with a graph of your movement during the night, allows you to tag any of your friends who appeared in your dreams via Facebook (just like you would when you tag a picture) and invites you to post a short description of your dream to our experimental 'Dream Bank'. Creating the world's largest dream experiment [sic].
So even people who don't own iPhones can get dragged into this if they appear in the dreams of their fanboi friends. The site does warn: "If you should experience any unforseen [sic] or undesired effects, you should stop using Dream:ON."

Derision on social networks should not be unexpected. ®

Phill  "Lucky" Smith
Phill Smith - Director Central Insurance Brokers

I'm impressed!!!
I downloaded the app a few days ago and here's my results, very impressive ...  

The author explains the clarity and depth of our dreams will differ with each person in sync with their dream menu (soundscapes).

For me, it's been brilliant, if nothing else its a solid night sleep, the fact that you can view a report in the morning gives you insight.. it's up to you to believe in something that is helping you and dismiss it and try something else

Three (3) nights 

The 1st night shows a somber rollercoaster of sleep and on the 3rd night I enjoyed a solid sleep pattern. 

Derision on social networks should not be unexpected. ®

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