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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Get Wet and Wild with Dolphins Rockingham!

Swimming with Dolphins in the Wild

A cruise company based on the shores of the spectacular Shoalwater Islands Marine Park (40 minutes south of Perth). We are well known for multi award winning Swim with Wild Dolphins tour. There are approx 180 wild bottlenose dolphins that are friends of the operation over the past 21 years, they don't do tricks and we don’t feed them, we have the privilege of experiencing natural dolphin behaviors on their terms and in their natural environment. For more info, to book tours or buy gift vouchers visit 

Rockingham Wild Encounters WE also operate a ferry service to Penguin Island and cruises through the ruggedly spectacular Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. 

Penguin Island is a unique destination with lots of fun and exciting things to do! As the name suggests it’s famous for its little penguins. They are only 30- 40cm tall making them the smallest species of Penguin in the world. Penguin Island has Western Australia’s largest population of approximately 1200 little penguins. 

These fascinating but shy birds can be difficult to find on the island as they usually waddle down the beach before sunrise and spend the rest of the day hunting for food out at sea, after which they waddle back up the beach to their burrows as sunset approaches. To ensure everyone gets a close up penguin experience island rangers present 3 penguin feeding shows daily in The Penguin Island Discovery Centre. Feeding times are at 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm.

Rockingham Wild Encounters

Apart from its famous wildlife, Penguin Island has beautiful beaches, great snorkeling, its popular for body boarding, fishing or just a great way to escape for a day…. Best of all it’s only a 5 minute ferry ride away. You can also combine your visit to Penguin Island with our glass bottom boat cruise to view sea lions and our Dolphin Watch Eco- Adventure. 


more information visit  WA Achievers Directory R.W.E.

Stash, Director at Central Insurance Brokers proudly endorses R.W.E. we are inspired and admirer the sincere contributions of the executives and workers toward the environment and the community, creating educational interaction with our natural life.  For more than 15yrs we participated in Risk Management for the company and wish them every success as they grow each year, the frequency of their achievements is well deserved.  

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