Chrome Remote Desktop Arrives on iOS
There are plenty of remote desktop apps that let you log into and control a home computer from your iPhone or iPad. But some of the better options cost money and probably aren't as simple as logging into your Google account. 

Today, Google released its Chrome Remote Desktop app, already since April on Android, for Apple's mobile OS. Once the app's downloaded, you just install an accompanying Remote Desktop app in your Chrome browser and from that point on you can access your home PC or Mac from pretty much anywhere: Android, iOS, the desktop Chrome browser, and Chromebooks can all get you there in a pinch.

Once you have the extension and the app installed, you can log in to your computer from your iOS device in a matter of seconds using your Google account. In a bit of brief testing, it works about as well as other remote desktop options, with the added benefit of being free.

In a snap  . .what to do
1. Your desktop: need to be using Chrome Browser and instal the free extension in Google Chrome
2. download your free smartphone app  iPhone app form  iTunes App Store,other smartphones go to the appropriate shop/store within your smartphone app to purchase your app
3. Activate the link in your smartphone and your desktop - using your FREE gmail account

Phill  "Lucky" SmithTestimonial

Phill Smith, Central Insurance Brokers

all done within 40 seconds and it works like a champion
I downloaded the apps, connected and activated using my gmail account and fired them up.

The remote control is as good as the renown "teamviewer". You can permit other users to access your desktop with a shared passcode

Excellent for collaboration
We embrace the latest technology to seamless serve clients

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