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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Koala Park Perth cute as


Cuddle a Koala at Cohunu Koala Park
Cohunu Koala Park, in Byford West Australia is always on top of the list of tourists from different countries. It is not like an ordinary park where you pass by the animals held captive behind the cage. In fact, you are going to see them, touch them, have selfies and share some awesome memories with your friends and family. 
The expedition along the park is packed with excitement, as you get the chance to drive through bush tracks. Moreover, parrots, kangaroos, dingoes, dears, wombats, emus and koalas are some of the attractions of this park. Koalas are very friendly with humans, so you get the chance to cuddle them, have some picture and feed them. Adults, old and children love to visit this place due to its attraction and interaction with animals and seeing them so close to oneself. It takes just an hour to visit the park completely with a nominal ticket of $15 for adults and $5 for kids. Many roaming animals can be fed with hands. Enjoy the conversation with 30 talking parrots and don’t forget to feed some of the animals waiting for visitors like you.
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School kids can enjoy the trip with their friends at Cohunu Koala Park. While walking through the park, you will find plenty of boards with information that can help you in writing something on the trip. Especially, the koalas are specialty of this park and you can find plenty of information about human friendly animal.

There are koala caretakers from around 10am to 4pm to give plenty of useful information to the visitors. They answer the questions of visitors gladly and have enough knowledge on wildlife, reproduction and feeding requirements. In fact, you can spend quality time at the park and get relaxed, have fun and gain some knowledge.
Here is a board describing all about Koalas.

Miss Mam from Bangkok is one of the visitors who enjoyed the tour to Koala Park. She looks happy and having fun with koala and other animals.  Have a look at the picture how koala is giving a poker expression while Miss Mam is holding the bear without any fear and feeding some kinds of leaves.

Miss Mam enjoyed the trip all through the park and met Humpty Dumpty to capture a photograph with him to memorize how he fell from the wall.  How lucky is humpty dumpty- getting a kiss from the visitor.

Perhaps, these pelicans are waiting for the train to have some fun ride in group.

Miss Mam enjoying taking photographs of pelican. One of the pelicans is just posing for awesome click. Probably, got the success with it. 

Miss Mam is little scared but excited to touch Kangaroo. Kangaroo seems to be in a relaxed mood and wants her to go away.

What Else You Can Do at Cohunu Koala Park?
  • Discover the park and feed the human friendly animals like kangaroos, koalas and wallabies.
  • Hug the koala for awesome photos.
  • Enjoy hot tea or coffee and if you are starving, have some delicious lunch.
  • Go to Australian souvenir shop with native products.
  • Pass by the animals and gain some knowledge about their exclusive characteristic

There is lot more to enjoy at Cohunu Koala Park and getting a selfie with Koala can be the most memorable picture of your life.

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