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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bridging Loans made easy with Que Capital - Success story $200k


Loan Story - Success for Mr X the Millionaire

$200,000 loan approved in 1 day

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Multi-millionaire received a hot share tip, but being asset rich and cash poor he did not have enough time to borrow the money from his bank.

Que Capital lent him $200,000 within 4 days of receiving the application which allowed him to buy the shares.

After 3 months he decided to sell the shares at a healthy profit, and repay his loan in full.

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An accountant borrowed $100,000 from a friend who then prematurely wanted his money back. The original agreement with the friend was that he would be repaid his money out of the sale of the accountants house which was to be put up for sale after it was repainted and spruced up.

The sprucing up took too long for the lenders’ liking so the they fell out, legal action was taken by the now ex-friend to recover his money. Que Capital stepped in and repaid the ex- friend in no time. Que Capital is now waiting for the house to be sold in order to be re-paid its money.

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